Restoring Mental Health Holistically

Support for the One-In-Four


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Gracelyn Guyol is a visionary leader and successful entrepreneur who became a holistic medicine advocate after using a Naturopathic Doctor to halt the rapid growth of breast cysts and tumors.  Impressed, she located a holistic mental health clinic that ended her bipolar mood swings in 2002. The only “side effects” of this amazing approach were eliminating severe arthritis pain in both shoulders, losing weight, improving digestion, fixing thyroid resistance, and turning off allergies and sensitivities that can cause the brain to malfunction.

What does “holistic medicine” mean and how does it work?  Holistic practitioners are trained to use all natural substances to repair and support the body’s own healing systems. Intake forms ask patients to identify symptoms throughout their “whole” body.  This, along with lab testing, helps practitioners discover which systems might be stressed, overwhelmed, or malfunctioning.  Practitioners then focus on healing these underlying causes, instead of prescribing drugs that only mask symptoms.



Gracelyn is committed to helping the one-in-four people in the world who experience mental illness become aware that recovery is often possible using natural, holistic treatments.



Treatment Begins


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Holistic treatment begins by addressing the most common physical causes:  poor diet, lack of exercise, vitamin, mineral or hormone imbalances, undiagnosed allergies and food sensitivities, flawed digestion or “leaky gut,” parasites or yeast overgrowth, and toxic overload from the vast number of drugs and chemicals in use today. 

Therapies often include dietary and lifestyle changes, vitamin and mineral rebalancing, and detoxification to clear chemical overload.  Use of probiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids, botanicals, herbs, or homeopathic remedies help repair and optimize health. 

Emotional causes can be resolved using a variety of electronic devices that rebalance brain wave patterns, rapidly improving sleep, focus, and mood, as well as relieving pain, anxiety, or depression.  Innovations in energy healing techniques now make it possible to release phobias, severe emotional pain or trauma, even PTSD, often in a few sessions.

For details on treatments and ways to find holistic medical practitioners, look through this web site, consult Gracelyn’s books or watch several free episodes of her television series, “Restoring Health Holistically”.


On the Horizon

Mind Energy Innovations

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Mind Energy Innovations

The National Institute of Health estimates 80-117 million US residents have mental illnesses.  Yet a mere 15.7 million are treated each year.  Why?  There are only 156,300 mental health practitioners in this country, with the number rapidly diminishing.  Eighty-nine million patients live in “professional shortage areas.”  Forty percent cannot afford treatment.  Clearly, we have a mental health crisis that is not being addressed.

In 2016, Gracelyn founded a non-profit, Mind Energy Innovationsto manage and fund research that will help determine which of a dozen holistic mental health treatments are the most effective, economic, and easy for patients to use.  The organization’s long-term goal is to increase patients’ access to evidence-based, drug-free treatments that help restore mental health.


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